With a squeegee in one hand and a strip washer in the other, Jake Mayfield took his experience of window cleaning and founded Clear Choice in 2001. With zero money in his pocket he had to rely strictly upon referrals and return business to keep his company afloat. Because of his impeccable service and reasonable prices he found plenty of work and was able to pay bills and provide for his family.

Jake later became blessed with more work than he could handle and sought out help from people holding the same basic principles of quality workmanship that helped to grow his business so rapidly. After a couple years of tedious searching, Jake had established a staff of experienced and reliable employees who were trained by the same standards of quality service that keep his customers coming back. Clear Choice Window Cleaning is your service dedicated to sticking to it’s roots by providing you with a sense of relief knowing that your needs are taken care of by a friendly staff who will exceed your expectations!

Call today and request Jake Mayfield to come and personally estimate our services.